Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses a marketing research proposal for tesco 1041. The study incorporates data collected using both primary and secondary techniques of research, which leads to valid conclusion in respect of the objectives of the research work.

Tesco is one of the largest retailing brands of the world. The company currently operates in the 12 nations located in Asia, Europe and North America. In terms of profits, Tesco is the third largest retailer of the world (Rogers, Ghauri and George, 2005). In terms of revenues however, the company is the second largest following Wall Mart. Morrison, Sainsbury and ASDA are the primary competitors of Tesco. Tesco sells more than 40,000 food brands in addition to clothing (Humby and Hunt, 2003). It also sells a number of non food retail items such as electronics, cooking appliances, luxury and a number of daily use products. Additionally Tesco is also seen to provide services such as DVD rentals, financing, telecommunication and internet services in a number of regions of operations. Despite its wide range of operations, Tesco is known for its well established distribution network and sound ability to manage its resources effectively. Tesco is already well recognized in many nations of Europe and North America (Dawson, 2006).

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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses a marketing research proposal for tesco 1041.
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Despite the dominant position the company holds in the retail marketing sector, Tesco is seen to expand internationally by eying the emerging markets. The international expansion of the company not only entails it into sterner competition but also simultaneously facilitates earning higher profits. Most of the international ventures of Tesco have remained successful where as some have encountered major failures. In order to expand internationally in a more effective manner, Tesco requires to think more strategically and develop plans on the basis of accurate research (Baskaran, 2012).

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