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One of the topic that I remember during the international seminar that I attended last February 8, 2020 at Philippines women’s university is the revenue management for the hospitality industry and she shared her experiences in life on how she become a successful. I think the one who talks about that topic is Ms. Lynn Zwibak a hospitality professional and adjunct professor at Virginia Tech with a BS from the Cornell Hotel School and an MBA from Duke. Throughout her career, she has held various revenue management positions with Marriott International and Crestline Hotels and Resorts. Additionally, she spent several years as Director of Revenue Management for an independent hotel chain in Nairobi, Kenya. Professor Zwibak currently resides in Manila, Philippines, where she continues to work with Marriott in developing and delivering revenue management training and teaches in the Hospitality program at a local university. She is passionate about training and educating hotel students and professionals in the art and science of revenue management. Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry is filled with practical examples and best practices on the topic of revenue management, a critical aspect of the industry. Through numerous revenue management examples from the hospitality industry, students will discover how they can incorporate revenue management principles and best practices. The core of revenue management of a hospitality organisation is to, “charge the right price, to the right customer, for the right product, through the right channel, at the right time.” She intended for students with prior knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry, and will explain what they need to know and how to be successful.

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