Compose a 500 words assignment on the docket system. Needs to be plagiarism free! The Docket system is an automated system which is responsible for tracking the court cases. It provides comprehensive details regarding the cases that are currently pending and in addition to this, the system also provides details about the cases that have been decided. “The Court’s Term begins on the first Monday in October and ends on the preceding day the next year. The October Term 2008 begins on October 6, 2008. Information on the docket is updated on the day after an entry is made on the docket.” (Docket). This paper will throw light upon three Docket cases, the similarities and differences between these three cases will be highlighted in this paper.

Case 1

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Compose a 500 words assignment on the docket system. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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In City group Inc VS Shui, 2009 WL is a very intriguing case related to the breach of copyrights. Citi group claimed that the Shui had used copy righted name the same was found. This was followed by the court’s judgement. it was found that the Shui group had indeed breached the copyrights under “ACPA”. The court applied 15 U.S.C. 1125(d) and granted the case in favour of the City group. This domain name was registered by Shui on 13 October 1997 and they also set up a website of their own which had links such as “City Bank Students” and “City Bank Visa” but when the people who wanted to retrieve information clicked on these links they were redirected and none of websites affiliated with City Bank, consequently a hefty fine of USD 100,000 was applied to the guilty party.

Case 2

Docket no 3–06–0555 is about a criminal sexual abuse, the defendant in this case was James Johnson. The accused was alleged to have placed a pen in the Vagina of a minor girl. On 23 May 2005 it came to the knowledge of the judge that Johnson had skipped school to be in company of the minor girl and when the mother of the victim left for work, the accused had sexual intercourse with the minor girl. It was also found that the intercourse was consensual. The case took a dramatic when it was found that the minor girl was pregnant and it was also found that the accused had sex several times with the victim. Another important thing that was brought to light was that both had always had sex with mutual consent. The accused had to face severe consequences for his actions.

Case 3

Polar Tanker Vs City of Valdes is another intriguing case. “In 2000, the City of Valdez, Alaska, adopted a personal property tax on vessels 95 feet or longer that docked at the city’s port. Several tanker owners filed a suit to challenge the validity of the tax. In 2004, the Alaska Superior Court held that the tax violated the Tonnage Clause of the U.S. Constitution without addressing the Due Process and Commerce Clauses. In 2005, after the city’s motion, the court reconsidered and vacated its 2004 decision and ruled, without addressing the Tonnage Clause issue, that the tax’s apportionment method violated the Due Process and Commerce Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.” (Justice Rule). All the cases have several similarities, all these cases went on for a really long time and a fair trial was organized by the court. To conclude it is very fair to say that all docket cases were very fairly held and organized.

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