Compose a 500 words assignment on hit terminology table. Needs to be plagiarism free! Health Care Terminologies and Standards Health Care Terminologies and Standards Introduction A standard coding system has wide acceptance as it relies on consistent terminologies for efficiency, reliability and interoperability (McDonald, et al., 1983). Codes and terminologies are aligned to meet these purposes. The following are some examples of standard vocabulary coding systems. Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terminology (SNOMED), and Unified Medical Language System, (UMLS).

Standards are developed by consensus industry effort such as version 3 of health level seven (HL7) that develops a system of vocabularies. The first vocabulary standard selected is Logical Observation Name Identifiers and Codes (LOINC) (Sensmeier, Halley, & Brokel 2009). The varied clinical systems that range from patient diagnosis to surgery need a developed system that result to code compliant.

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Create a table listing the attributes and capabilities for the four health care terminologies you select. For each terminology, provide the following information in a table: Domain, Type of identifiers, Example of one identifier, Key interoperability issues (if applicable)



Type of identifier

Example of& identifier

Interoperability issues

&nbsp.X-ray Availability Indicator_CD



&nbsp.&nbsp.ASC X12.114939.v1


Acupuncture Practitioner

Practitioner identifier

ABC codes



&nbsp.Alexis® wound retractor

&nbsp.surgical procedures

Concept unique identifier



Fatal heart rate



AOB group:type:pt:Bld^donor:Nom




&nbsp.Concept unique identifier


&nbsp.HL7 with SNOMED CT

Select one example code. Explain how this code is read by describing each component that makes up the code. Be sure to include what the code stands for by naming and defining it.

LOINC -Observation Identifier Names and Codes provides a universal code system that reports laboratory and other clinical observations in electronic messages such as health level seven (HL7) observation messages (McDonald, et al. 2003). This terminology is accepted in. health maintenance organizations, hospitals, public health department, pharmaceutical manufactures, and researchers.

An example of laboratory LOINC code: CREATIN RENAL CLEARANCE: VRAT: 24H: UR: QN


Component: property: timing: specimen: scale




Data from:


Component: (analyte) e.g. hepatitis B antigen, sodium

Property measured: example can be. enzyme activity, mass concentration, or catalytic reaction.

Timing: indicates whether the observation made applied to a moment in time, could be an average, can even be amount taken over a period of time as in the case of creatin renal clearance.

System: type of sample or organ examined to include. urine, chest, blood

Scale: to ascertain if the measurement was quantitative, or a ranked set of options that is. ordinal, nominal or narrative e.g. dictation results from renal analysis (McDonald, et al. 2003).

Health Care Terminologies and Standards provides the umbrella framework that describe the comprehensive management of health care terminologies across computerized systems that provides efficiency, interoperability and reliability(Sensmeier, Halley, & Brokel 2009). A standardized terminologies is increasingly viewed as a promising tool that will improve efficiency of health delivery system especially administrative efficiency

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