Compose a 500 words assignment on brandenburg concerto no. 5 by j.s. bach. Needs to be plagiarism free! Bach’s concerts have known to be rich in complexity and this is what we get to understand in the Brandenburg Concerto which has been recognized as one of the best combinations of Bach’s works, combining elements of the church and orchestral music.

“Baroque”, a set of European classical music which existed from 1650 – 17501 originally meant an insult also describing an ‘irregular’ shape of no particular beauty which is often compared to an irregular pearl denoting its irregularity in shape. The “irregular pearl” is a strikingly fitting characterization of architecture often symbolized with that of the 17th century.

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Compose a 500 words assignment on brandenburg concerto no. 5 by j.s. bach. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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Over time though, this style of music came to be recognized as one with grandeur, stylishness, a sense of bravado and improvisation. Instruments that are particular in this era are hurdy-gurdy, harpsichord, organ, bass viol, lute, violin, and baroque guitar.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 is considered to be a masterpiece in the Baroque style. This composition has a clear melody, with excellent and timely usage of instruments like the Lute, Organ all put together in a clever ensemble.

The harp and organ invoke an uplifting feeling of happiness along with the lute. The concerto has a continuous line moving and extends with the addition of instruments as the composition progresses, which is peculiar to the Baroque style.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 displays the influence of the reformation on musical style when compared with the Renaissance era proving to be a masterpiece in its style and era.

The concert begins with the lute, followed by an introduction of the organ and the cello. The introduction of the 5th Concerto is impressive and demanding which was created with the combination of the violin, cello, and lute. As the concert progresses, the cello and lute are continuous with the organ providing the “melody”, the violin depicts drama and intensity and the constant variations in instruments succeed in invoking many emotions. The finale is depicted with the dramatic introduction of the violin and the cello.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 is a brilliant composition that is captivating.

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