Compose a 250 words assignment on what is the status of moral claims. Needs to be plagiarism free! Section/# Nussbaum on FGM One of the difficulties that scholars face with regards to juxtaposing ethics/morality and appreciation for and understanding concerning a different culture is the extent to which certain practices that are divergent from the analysts understanding of morality and ethical behavior diverge. One such case of this divergence is seen in the writings of Martha Nussbaum as she works to criticize the ways in which certain individuals seek to provide a rational basis for understanding the arguments for accepting FGM (Female genital mutilation). Nussbaum herself is fundamentally and diametrically opposed to such a practice and does not consider any argument for it as being ethically or morally convincing (Nussbaum 1). As such, Nussbaum presents a very simple yet well reasoned approach that defines the process of FGM as reprehensible regardless of the cultural determinants that claim to the contrary.

It is this author’s belief that the strong position that Nussbaum takes is absolutely defensible. Firstly, it should be a commonly held view across humanity that violence is not the solution to any perceived problem and that humans should most certainly not be subjected to a violent form of clitoral mutilation. especially prior to the age where they can make a determination for themselves how they would like their bodies to develop and represent their own unique understanding of culture. Whereas this view may be seen as xenophobic, the truth of the matter is that it should be understood across culture as patently wrong to inflict willful damage on any member of society. especially those that are unaware with regards to the pain and trauma that such a situation will effect later in their lives.

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Compose a 250 words assignment on what is the status of moral claims. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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