Compose a 250 words assignment on placement search. Needs to be plagiarism free! Number: Placement search I conducted a placement search and made applications to Enhance, Mini Cooper, and Peugeot. I however did not manage to attend interview because of tight schedule and below is a reflection of the placement search exercise.

Identification of placement opportunities explains success of placement search and indicates my success in the exercise. I identified many organizations whose job descriptions and job specifications suited my competence. Even though completion of my current program could seal my suitability for the jobs, specifications matched my existing competence and I stood a good chance of securing a placement at the three organizations.

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Job specifications of the identified opportunities identified my employability skills. Some of the major employability skills, according to Wilczenski and Coomey (2007, p. 7), are ability and readiness to assume responsibility, intra-personal competence, inter-personal competence, and moral competence. These were common competencies in each of the job specifications and understanding my competencies in these informed me of a recommended level of my employability skills. Self-assessment and peer comments on my personality informed my opinion on my personal competencies.

I chose to abandon my search because of time and resource scarcity. Placement requires a year but I plan to register for my masters program immediately after my current program. This means I shall not be able to afford a whole year for placement. In addition, plans for the masters program has also constrained my financial resources and makes participation in the placement, even on private time basis, impossible.

My placement search was therefore successful and helped me identify my employability potential. I however abandoned the search because of my plans for a master’s program and scarcity of time and resources.

Reference list

Wilczenski, F and Coomey, S 2007, A practical guide to service learning: Strategies for positive development in schools, Springer Science & Business Media, Boston.

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