Compose a 1500 words assignment on test-tube meat. Needs to be plagiarism free! The animal flesh product is made using fetal animal serum and has technically never been inside an animal. The first demonstration of the use of in vitro meat was done in 2013 in London when a chef cooked and served a test-tube meat beef burger, and debate has been going on about whether the test tube meat can be a viable alternative to conventional meat. Research into the production of test-tube meat has been continuing all over the world, with researchers from the United States, Netherlands, and NASA being on the forefront to produce in vitro mat for production and human consumption.

Proponents of the use of test-tube meat as a viable alternative to conventional meat have stated that its products will be better for the environment in general. According to research, it is stated that at least 51% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to livestock, including the waste from animals (Edelman et al, 2005). In addition, the factory process required to convert animal products to meat is another source of environmental degradation. With the introduction of test-tube meat, the harm to the environment would be reduced since the meat is produced in laboratories. At the moment, attributes like factory farming are a major part of environmental degradation because of the amounts of greenhouse gases released. The use of test-tube meat will greatly reduce the gases released into the atmosphere as opposed to increasing them. Additionally, the process of producing a test tube mat is carefully controlled, and the greenhouse gases produced can be closely monitored and controlled according to different regulations by the relevant authorities.

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Compose a 1500 words assignment on test-tube meat. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The other major advantage of using in vitro meat as a replacement for conventional meat is the health component to be derived. As originally stated, in vitro meat is made completely in the laboratory,&nbsp.which means that the elements are carefully controlled to fulfill certain standards. In effect, the final product will be free from any outside elements including diseases like swine flu which come from rearing live animals (Edelman et al, 2005). With the use of test-tube meat, diseases that can be passed along from the animal to human beings can be eliminated in the laboratory. In the past, outbreaks of some diseases have occurred because the animals we eat contacted them first, so the use of in vitro meat would eliminate this process. Animals kept for consumption are also fed different antibiotics and drugs to keep them healthy, and in the long run, the resistances to these drugs are transferred to human beings, who then develop different strains of resistance to drugs.&nbsp.

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