Compose a 1250 words assignment on israeli and palestinians points of view of the oslo process. Needs to be plagiarism free! From Israelis and Palestinians points of view, each side believes that the other party led to the failure of the Oslo process. The two sides think that they are the victims seeking redress of grievances.

Israeli point of view of the Oslo process

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on israeli and palestinians points of view of the oslo process. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The basic assumption shared by the Israeli is that Oslo helped to create a rational order in the Middle East that was based on reciprocal that may in the future lead to a compromise. Israel believes that the fact the two sides came together and sat down in order to negotiate for peace, that was a milestone in itself. There was a strong debate over the Oslo accords in Israel. While the right-wing opposed the accords, the Knesset members strongly accepted them (Barak, 720). After a vote on the issue of the accords, the people supporting the accords won by majority votes. It implied that the people of Israel fully supported the signing of the accords.

Israel believes that Oslo marked a step forward in mutual acknowledgment between the two parties. The Oslo process helped to change Palestine from a refugee population and one without direction to a recognized state (Tamar and Ephraim 600). Israel argues that the Oslo process created a historically distinctive circumstance of building Palestine’s governance, administrative, and security capabilities even as it negotiated and fought its way out of statelessness (Tamar and Ephraim 601). If nothing else changed, Palestinians could boast of a nation that has a policing system.

The dynamics of the two countries’ relations since the signing of the agreement confirmed Israelis worst fears that the peace process would give their enemies the tools to attack them. In the preliminary stages of the establishment of Palestine’s security services, Israel noted that the numbers of Palestinians in arms were going beyond the agreements. The development made Israel believe that Palestine was coming up with an offensive army, not a police force (Pressman 13). Israel’s anger rose when it realized that Palestine was not doing enough to thwart terrorist acts coming from its territory. Palestine refused to take action of dealing with the terrorists, and it allowed terrorists to operate freely within its territory. Palestine authorities could only place terrorists in prison for some days and then release them without charges.

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