Compose a 1250 words assignment on human reproductive biology question. Needs to be plagiarism free! The tests available for screening include a Blood test. On Autism, there is no medical test for autism and only physicians can determine the signs related to the abnormality. Additionally, down syndrome can be diagnosed through screening and diagnostic tests. Finally, the Fragile X syndrome can be diagnosed through The FMR1 DNA Test.

There are several factors that bring about infertility and include ovulation disorders and defects in the womb and fallopian tubes in women and infertility in men (NHS Choices 1). Ovulation problems can be treated. The treatment includes ovulation induction with Clomid and other fertility drugs (NHS Choices 1). In men, infertility can be cured through the treatment of any infections on the sperm ducts.

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Compose a 1250 words assignment on human reproductive biology question. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The Birth control methods include Oral contraception Pills, the use of Condoms, and contraceptive injection. The Mini pills are about 95% effective if used well but are less effective than other birth control methods (Web MD 1). The major advantages of contraceptive pills include. they are the most effective reversible contraceptives, they regulate well the menstrual cycle, reduce the menstrual cramps, decrease the risk of the iron deficiency anemia, prevent the occurrence ectopic pregnancy (Web MD 1). The disadvantages of Mini Pills include. Heart attack, High blood pressure, depression, headaches, and decreased ability to have orgasms. Oral pills do not offer any protection to STDS. The other birth control method is the use of Condoms. If used properly they, are more effective, they help prevent pregnancy and STDS. They are also effective to use for unplanned sex, and there are no medical side effects on the use of condoms. The main disadvantages of condoms they cause allergies in some people and condoms may split if not used properly. They also offer protection against STDS. The injection is effective if used well, only used once after 12 weeks, safe to use while breast-feeding. The disadvantages include interrupted periods and weight gains. They do not offer protection to pregnancy (NHS Choices 1).

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