Compose a 1250 words assignment on cross-cultural encounters. Needs to be plagiarism free! Cross-cultural encounters are the inevitable components of our daily interactions with other nations. Cross-cultural encounters are particularly problematic when taking place between the dominating power and the nations that are subject to it. Not only do subjects have to comply with the power’s requirements, but they often fall the victims of their striving to protect their cultural heritage from disappearing.

The discussed text tells several important things about cross-cultural encounters. First, western countries invest significant resources in their expeditions, to make these encounters real. The goals of these expeditions vary, from the need to explore primitive works of art to enrich the existing collections in western museums. In the case of the Punitive Expedition, the specimens of bronze and ivory, as well as wood carvings would have become the key to the museum’s continuous success (Brown 2008). Unfortunately, the British Museum lost its chance to secure for the national collection the best representative elements of the Art of Benin (Brown 2008).

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Second, not always can western expeditions evaluate and recognize the true value of art specimens they find during their expeditions. That a government department sold numerous interesting articles for a few hundred pounds implies that governments are not always aware of the artistic, cultural, and humanistic value which these art specimens carry with them (Brown 2008). More often than not, cross-cultural encounters result in the discovery and appropriation of various works of art, which are culturally invaluable. Unfortunately, not always can the new owners look deeper into their cultural meaning.

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