Compose a 1000 words assignment on do we need jobs to feel useful,productive and/or happy. Needs to be plagiarism free! This is well demonstrated by the determined farmer who inspired Candide and his friends through cultivating diligently to augment harvest. Lack of farm products and machines made the farmer work harder. otherwise, if he had an alternative he could have been more productive. In the contemporary economic circumstances, the foremost goal is the job itself rather than productivity in a profession. For instance, America is industrialized enough to afford the populace with necessities and edification with few of its inhabitants working. However, nowadays products are not the setback. rather the problem is the lack of sufficient ways of individuals to work and show that they merit for these products. From comparing the two happenings, it is evident that jobs are indispensable to acquire things rather than to feel prolific. The products that the populace previously earned after laboring were for barter trade to attain other possessions. Further, previously, the populace was not skilled on production, so they did only the production of basic needs. Unskilled workers usually have to work manually, thus, a small proportion of work is done by many people. Technology is good because it helps in doing things faster and reduces work force required but many people have lost their jobs because the work that was done by many people can be performed by one person. Do people work to get money to sustain themselves or they work to reduce boredom? The availability of diverse products is a motivation to the contemporary financial system. to acquire the products people have to seek employment to earn money to procure these commodities. Apart from acquiring necessities from money, humankind earns from laboring. The other products are consequently procured with the money meant to make life more relaxed. This illustrates that the purpose jobs are needed is to earn money to buy other things that progress superiority of life rather than to feel productive. According to Voltaire, Candide and his friends attained happiness and fulfillment after gravely putting all their liveliness in cultivating their backyard (86). Candide and his friends had a contented life, but boredom and quarreling made them start cultivating. This plainly illustrates that previously, people needed jobs to feel blissful. In the contemporary economy, people labor to earn importance of their work that they use to buy stuff that will make their life enjoyable, imperative, and focused. People might have necessities, but they still get employment to procure luxuries such as cars, refrigerators, and computers just to make their life more consequential. However, presently the populace does not need a job out of dullness or divergences to attain happiness and achievement, but it is out of want to procure items that would better their lives. Rushkoff argues that we do not need jobs to feel valuable, but we need jobs to acquire things that will make us feel meaningful in life. According to Voltaire, Candide and his friends cultivated to feel useful by harvesting from their farmland (86). In this era, work value is counted monetarily and the worker is paid the value of effort. The money acquired from work is habitually used leisurely, but the farmer referred to by the Voltaire had dedicated all his energy on cultivating and avoided leisure and other divergences.

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Compose a 1000 words assignment on do we need jobs to feel useful,productive and/or happy. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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