Compose a 1000 words assignment on christinas world by andrew wyeth. Needs to be plagiarism free! We can see that she seems to be gazing at an old farmhouse from afar. An old barn stands not far from the farm house and what looks like remnants of old picket posts can be seen near the farm house.

Given that the dominant colours are tertiary and that there is visible lighting or shadowing in the painting, it can be said that the painter definitely did not apply the colours flat on his canvas and that mixing of colours was done.

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Compose a 1000 words assignment on christinas world by andrew wyeth. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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The light is coming from the upper right front of the painting, sensibly coming from the horizon. The noticeable shadows in the painting are shadows of the farmhouse, the barn, the little outhouse, the Christina’s arms, hair and lower body. The shadows of the objects consistently fall on the lower left of the object. this coincides with the source of light coming from the upper right portion of the painting.

There is a wide range of tonal contrast for this painting. Very light highlights can be seen on the grass details and the dark shadows are seen on the shadows of the farmhouse, barn and the details of the Christina’s body.

The painting definitely looks still and peaceful. The artist achieved this stillness by making the painting almost barren except for the girl and the structures afar. The only hint of movement in the painting is the wisps of the girl’s hair which seem to be moving because of a soft breeze. In addition, the girl seems to be moving her body because her left hand looks like it’s about to touch the ground

What is the centre of interest in the composition How does the artist draw your attention to it

The center of interest in the composition is not the scenery of the landscape but the frail girl. The artist has drawn the attention to the girl by making the presence of other objects almost unnoticed. Christina stood out in her pale pink dress in the midst of an almost repetitive color of the fields. He placed the girl in the center of the composition and the way the girl is positioned is not natural. It appears as though she is having a hard time moving her body because of the disheveled hair. The girl’s frailty is very noticeable in her bony arms and shin.

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