Complete a Concept Map using one of the following templates.Concept Map Template 1 Concept Map Template 2RequirementsAnalyze the disease or disorder you posted on your discussion post.Remember to use your resources, include a cover page, and do a reference page.Concept MapCriteria 1. Describe the Respiratory Disease Process (1 pt) 2. Summarize a complete assessment of a patient with this disorder (4 pts) 3. Complete collaboration of care, management of client care and potential complications sections (2 pts) 4. Paper must be 250 words using correct grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. (2pts)  5.Appropriate use of APA format; correct citing of sources in essay body and references. (1 pt)  Total 10 pts Please pay attention to the criteria and the points require. can you use either of the concept map templates.Thanks ..

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Complete a Concept Map using one of the following templates.C
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