Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Relationship between Flexible Working and Work-life Balance. Many companies hence offer a range of flexible working options. The employees benefit due to flexible working as it enhances work-life balance as more women have started working outside the home. However, while both sides agree that flexible working ensures work-life balance, there is no research on which are the jobs in which flexible working could be beneficial, which are the areas where regular staff becomes essential and whether flexible working does benefit the employees and employers or is it just a passing fad? Hence the purpose of the research is to asses the real benefits that would help the managers in the decision-making process.

Flexible working is most prominent in the hospitality industry and hence the research would be focused on the hospitality industry which would include hotels, restaurants, and pubs. The significance of the research in this sector is heightened because this sector has the highest attrition rate in the industry. This research would have to be conducted by engaging the employers and the employees to get the right perspective. Both sides of the opinions matter to arrive at the right conclusion. The strength of the research lies in an honest opinion from both sides and only then can the outcome lead to the right decision making. However, it may also happen that the employers are not in a position to register a true and honest opinion or the employees are not equipped to understand the benefits that they derive from flexible working arrangements. This would render the research process ineffective. Hence the selection of the respondents or participants for the study has to be done with discretion.

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Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Relationship between Flexible Working and Work-life Balance.
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The hospitality industry is a people-focused and labor-intensive service industry (Chapman & Lovell, 2006). Employee turnover in the hospitality industry has been a major cause of concern. Employees tend to stay with an&nbsp.organization when human resource practices are sound and offer a comfortable work environment for the employees.&nbsp.

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