Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Implementation of the Security Plan. The implementation of the security measures will use the various software together to enhance security.

The purpose of the action plan is to beef up the information security in the banks and ensure that all threats and vulnerabilities are reduced to a minimum. The program will use the various federal laws, policies and regulations together with best practices from the industry to come up with an effective information security plan for the bank (Whitman & Mattord, 2014). The national institute of standards and technology is an important set the various information technology security measures that should be followed together with other bodies like national security agency, the office of management and budget among many others (Peltier, 2010). The paper will thus focus on the various programs and determine the various remedies that will help implement the system security plan.

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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Implementation of the Security Plan.
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To ensure that the information security regarding the business is safeguarded and that loopholes are dealt with immediately to prevent leakage and hacking and, therefore, unauthorized access to sensitive information of the bank and the accounts of the people.

To develop security measures and programs that will ensure that the employees and information regarding the assets of the company are safeguarded from outside threats and vulnerabilities and that will provide the bank with retaliatory programs in terms of preventing penetration to the banking information systems.

The plan covers all the banking departments, the managers, president of the bank, managers, supervisors, employees at all levels in the bank, all security personnel at the bank, interested parties and stakeholders, contractors and finally the guests who venture into the bank and access various facilities in the banks to name a few. The assets that the bank has and that can be accessed by individuals outside will be included in the implementation the action plan.

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