Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Effective Business Strategies on the Local Market. This paper discusses a business plan that Best Choice, a new medium-sized restaurant and supermarket located in Sydney, will emulate in its effort to serve its market segment. Being a business that is focused on providing its Middle East-based customers with quality food and Coffee, Best Choice will employ various marketing strategies in order to remain competitive in the local market. Mission statement Best Choice mission is to provide excellent services to the Arab community with the aim of increasing its total sales. Additionally, the business is focused on providing quality foods that are in line with the culture of the Canadian people thus resulting in strong customer loyalty and trust. Our focus is on establishing a strong positive relationship with our customers with the aim of increasing annual sales and enjoying sustainable profits. Management team Best Choice will be owned by the founders, Abdulaziz, Nawaf, and Saad. In order to ensure that the objectives of the business are achieved, Best Choice is in the process of training new employees who will take over the management duties in the future. In its effort to ensure that the directors are aware of their duties, the firm has initiated effective allocation of tasks. For example, Abdulaziz will be in charge of the whole business. This includes approval of budgets and payments to suppliers, chairing of all the company meetings among other duties. Nawaf, on the other hand, will be responsible for recruiting and training of new employees as well as being in charge of personal facilities in the company. Saad main duties include ensuring the safety of the workers in addition to procuring of the goods and services that the business will require in its operations. The chart below indicates the organizational arrangement that the business will emulate. Objectives To increase sales by over 20,000 $ in the first year of operation To increase the level of satisfaction for our customers Present our culture to all our customers in the local and international market. Marketing approach Best Choice will first target the Arab community. Similarly, the business is targeted at attracting more local people including Canadians who are working in Sydney. Due to its needs to increase annual sales, the restaurant targets, middle-aged people. In our effort to create a strong positive relationship with customers, we will provide two key ways that our customers will use to buy their products. These include walking into the store and ordering the delivery of their favorite products through the telephone. In our endeavor to maintain the loyalty of our customers, we will emulate a marketing mix that includes the 4Ps (product, price, promotion, and place.) Product Best Choice main products include Arabic food and beverages. Through the product diversification, our firm is focused on providing quality brands that meet the needs of local people. It is worth noting that due to the increasing population in Sydney, our business will enjoy increased demand for our primary products thus resulting in high sales. Price Our business aim is to offer low priced products without compromising the quality. Since our target market is the middle-aged consumers, our low prices will attract the attention of new and young consumers who are not financially very stable.

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Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Effective Business Strategies on the Local Market.
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