Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Small and Medium Enterprises: Blue Tomato Company. Internationalization and international entrepreneurship SMEs has remained an issue of considerable relevance, principally to the observed growing effects of cross border venturing (European Commission, 2007). This realization was at the heart of the 2007 OECD-APEC study on at removing barriers to the SME Access towards the International Markets that provided general findings on the major barriers to SME internationalization as perceived by the SMEs and policymakers in the OECD and APEC member economies.1

The first internet presence happened with the international purchasing facilities in the year1997, and in 1999 this was when the first full-scale online shop of Blue Tomato was opened. In its broad tendency, the Blue Tomato Company belongs to the born international group. In the year 2001, the second generation of internet shops then went online, making Blue Tomato as one of the leading snowboards mail-order retailers in the subcontinent of Europe. The new shop generation was defined by the company as an internet shop, which was based on completely new technology. Along with these were the test centers and snowboard schools, which were also grounds for direct customer contact. Today, the internet helps the Blue Tomato Company in internationalization by providing 90 percent of the company’s total sales. This continues to take the upper trend.

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Small and Medium Enterprises: Blue Tomato Company.
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Limitations in the finance and the related physical resources have continued to be highlighted as the leading barrier to the internationalization of SMEs. The pertinent evidence would include the observed disadvantages faced by the Canadian international new ventures or the earlier stage SME exporters, relative to their more of an established counterpart, in regard to the access of the operating and term loans and the terms thereof.

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