Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Performance Deterioration of Gas Turbine Engines. It is equally important also to cover the aspects of permanent deterioration (Meher-Homji, Chaker, and Motiwala, 2001). There are several gas turbines utilized in combined cycles, and the recovery of steam generator performance is made.

The use of high-performance gas turbine engines has increased fuel costs making it essential for maintaining high working efficiencies of the engines. It is important to understand the basic design and aerodynamic principles regarding gas turbines. The factors that affect deterioration include the temperature control on the materials, rotor speeds and the stress levels, and the fluid dynamic characteristics that include, choking, dissolution, stall, and infuse. To attain sufficient thermodynamic efficiency, there is a necessary need for heat to be added at high temperatures (Meher-Homji, Chaker, and Motiwala, 2001). Accordingly, there shall be a mechanism for cooling to be included. The cooling characteristics can in turn affect the complete thermal efficiency of the engine. For that reason, the losses that culminate in the cooling flow can have detrimental effects causing a cycle penalty. Thus, several forms of deterioration can alter the cooling flow and the overall working efficiency of the gas turbine.

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Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Performance Deterioration of Gas Turbine Engines.
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The compressor can accumulate dust during its working cycles on the field. The dust eventually finds its way into the tiny cooling holes in the hot areas of the blades. This will in turn lead to blade distress due to the impaired cooling caused by the dust blocking the vents of the blades. This gives an example of how performance degradation is linked to the mechanical behavior and consistency of a gas turbine engine. On the other hand, higher firing ratios increase pressure ratios. Accordingly, high-performance gas turbine engines that have high-pressure ratios, cyclic temperatures, tight tip clearances, and stage loadings are more vulnerable to performance deterioration.

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