Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Problem-Based Learning in Promoting Critical Thinking among Engineers. Critical thinking help in the decision-making process as the individual is able to identify, evaluate, and construct their concrete arguments. Additionally, a critical thinker is able to detect common mistakes and inconsistencies in reasoning. Consequently, such an idea helps them to solve problems systematically as the person has the ability to identify the importance and relevance of ideas and reflect on their justifications based on their values, beliefs, and deductive reasoning (Slameto, 2013). Therefore, it is a reasoning tool that every profession has to integrate into their learning and practices. hence engineers often have to use it.

Why Critical Thinking among Engineers?

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Problem-Based Learning in Promoting Critical Thinking among Engineers.
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It does not matter if a person is a chief or design engineer or somewhere between the two, all engineers need critical thinking skills. Engineering as a profession relies on concise, clear, and rational decisions that can be only achieved through a well-structured thought. On the other hand, the design-related decisions have design principles and codes that guide them, as well as, decisions that involve costs, emotions, and approaches to handle problems. Therefore, most of the problems related to the design line are left wide open for personal opinions and interpretations. Hence it can be seen that without critical thinking Engineers may find their selves stuck in arriving at some courses of action (Slameto, 2013).

Critical thinking among engineers leads to a more sensible and replicable process for research, planning, and presenting ideas, recommendations, and courses of action. Processes in learning and practices among engineers are the guiding facets that require marrying critical thinking to make concrete decisions. Second, applying critical thinking saves time taken in transforming data into quality information. Assembling data to more quality information requires critical thinking to determine what data collection tools and techniques to use, decisions of approving orders, determining the different procedures to eliminate in projects so as to stay within a budget among other decisions (Hyunjoo et al. 2015).

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