Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Can Social Workers Ensure that They Engage Fathers in Their Work with Children.

In most cases, during the treatment of children absent fathers are left out for several reasons. Many times, mothers feel they need to be marginalized due to their absence. clinicians inadvertently end up excluding them. (Sieber, 2008) Another reason is that children might not feel comfortable around the presence of someone they perceive to be an outsider – by the time they are told of their relationship with the father. they might already be undergoing feelings of betrayal and helplessness.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How Can Social Workers Ensure that They Engage Fathers in Their Work with Children.
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Most of the social work literature that is found extols the virtues of a single mother, who in spite of great hardships is able to provide a loving and caring environment to her children. Most of the literature deals with issues of social workers trying to help single mothers raise their children properly. this downplays the importance of fathers, especially when absent fathers are considered better than fathers being a part of the household and sporting vices.More research needs to be done to determine the importance of a father in the life of children and how bringing in fathers to help with the treatment of children can prove to be beneficial rather than hurting the cause.

(Tozer, 1999)Current research is of the view that most social work endeavors do not include the father in a possible solution. that is to say that the fathers are not taken into account when thinking of a way to help the child progress. Even though government agencies have put their weight behind the involvement of fathers with social work projects there is a dearth of any such practices on a wider scale.It is also interesting to note that whereas, contemporary view on child care and social welfare commends the role of fathers in such directives. welfare agencies promote the “uninvolved father”.

Moreover, many social workers and child care agencies do not even bother visiting the father when working on childcare solutions. This is ironic considering that most of the times it is the father who is as the base of the tension and should be consulted when trying to work out a solution.

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