Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Ethical Dilemma in Engineering Profession. The recent case of the Tacoma Bridge collapse whose engineer was LeonMoisseif was a major example of professional neglect (Delatte, 89-97). There was the negligence of safety rules that brought the bridge to collapse after a few months of construction. During the project, there was design failure, more specifically a failure of meeting up the standards-ethics which assure bridge stand-alone safety and also the safety of the public associated to the bridge (Bowen, 4-7).

The government who sponsored the Tacoma Bridge Construction expected much from the engineer “Leon Moisseif”. The government wanted the project to end in the most economical manner. It was because they wanted to save public funds, which can be used in future civil projects. Right from the start, appointing the engineer and selecting the resources such as material or labor all was under the Government’s assistance. And hence the Government wanted the organizers to meet their decisions which brought pressures on engineer Leon Moisseif.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Ethical Dilemma in Engineering Profession.
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Engineering profession itself defines rules for engineers and so it did for Leon Moisseif in the Tacoma Bridge project. The rules which have been adopted include duty ethics, rights ethics and virtue ethics which implies to all types of science and engineering professions. Moreover, an engineer on duty means that he or she has to obey regulation codes, safety measures and technical codes (Delatte, 89-97). The same was expected from engineer Leon Moisseif who was in charge of the Tacoma bridge project and who was to take care of the dilemma of whether he should pay attention to the Government or his profession’s safety ethics (Delatte, 89-97).

Civil engineering which is a deliberate engineering discipline implies all such rules. In view of the Tacoma Bridge case, it can be said that when engineers come onto pressures, pressures of the&nbsp.Government, they start to forget their actual responsibilities.&nbsp.

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