Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Developing Career through a Doctorate Degree in Education. My career objectives and plans are based on my personality traits, personal skills, and competencies. I am a person who is extremely organized and who values personal management elements with high regard. Since I was a child, I have been recognized for my organizational skills and I believe this is one of the major traits that assist when one engages in a career in education. This is one of the traits that will guide and motivate students to have organized lives and focus on building their careers as well. I am also proficient in written and verbal communication skills where I have also come to realize that my oral and written communication skills are impeccable. I have been outstanding in communication skills since I was a child due to the confidence that was developed in me by my parents and teachers. Any person who wants to excel in his career must possess good communication skills and this fact encourages me in my endeavors in an education career. In fact, one of my objectives in this field is to nurture students to be excellent in communication skills as they are pillars of the success of a person in his or her career life (Chalam, 2011).

Besides having excellent communication skills and organizational traits, I feel that I can work well in a busy environment and also can work well under pressure. I have previously been engaged in teaching occupations where I used to teach students on psychology. Further, I have also worked in an organization where I acted in a leadership position and demonstrated leadership and organization skills. During the two experiences, I was faced with situations that required tight schedules and extreme working pressure, during the events, I was composed and calm thus realizing that I can work&nbsp.well under pressure. In the education field, one is called to work under pressure at times and I believe I am prepared for this especially as I climb up the organizational hierarchy (Wang, 2010). &nbsp.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Developing Career through a Doctorate Degree in Education.
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