Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Centrality of Christ and Stages of Discipleship.

Being a Christ disciple means taking up the cross and suffering together with Christ. By getting into a covenant with Christ, he gives us the ability to carry our own crosses. It is through accepting the cross of Christ that Jesus is able to transform the lives of those who believe in him making them his own disciples. One can only exhibit true discipleship if they accept that Jesus died for them on the cross and they believe that his sacrifice was enough adornment for their sins. It is through the working of Christ in his people that they are able to practice the life of discipleship.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Centrality of Christ and Stages of Discipleship.
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For one to grow in true discipleship, they should feed on the faith of Christ and his crucifixion (Hull, 2004: 76). This is seen in the preaching of Paul where he always started his sermon by proclaiming Christ as the savior of the world who died. Christ should always be at the center of discipleship proclamation. The centrality of Christ is illustrated in the theology of Paul in the New Testament. You will that in the books written by Paul, the ministry of Christ takes prominence. For instance, in the book of Romans, Paul takes about Christ and God in Rom 11:36 where he indicates that he performs things through Christ and in Christ.

He clearly shows that it is from God that all good things originate and it is through him that good things are accomplished. To God belongs all the glory.According to Paul, the character of God is magnified in Christ. In Colossian, Paul illustrates that it is through Christ that the image of God is displayed to mankind. He preaches about conversion and asks the disciples who decide to follow Jesus to walk in his footsteps (Col. 2.6). He shows that for a believer to be fully converted, they must yield themselves fully to the will of Christ.

They should be willing to forget themselves and walk in the will of Christ. They must be converted to reflect the image of Christ in character by living according to his will and shunning their own selfish ways.

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