Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Carbon Fiber in Civil Engineering and Vehicle Production. Carbon fiber is very rigid, and surpasses other similar products like glass reinforced plastic, pine and aluminum. The substance is also known to have high resistivity to corrosion, a factor that greatly enhances its chemical resistivity.

The product can withstand very high temperatures. This property has made the product very essential in firefighting as it is used in the manufacture of some of the equipment. This makes the product do well in situations that require high temperatures. A good example is welding scenarios in a vehicle garage where it can withstand the high heat generated when nearby products are being pieced together. The low thermal expansion coefficient allows carbon fiber withstands possible contractions and expansions that are not desired in the manufacture of vehicle body parts.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Carbon Fiber in Civil Engineering and Vehicle Production.
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b) Discuss the effect of the high production rates required for many standard classes of vehicles. On the use of such composite materials with respect to their processing characteristics when such materials are supplied in the form of pre-preg that must be vacuum bagged and Autoclave molded.

Carbon fiber prices are heavily affected by demand as well as fluctuations in energy prices. Considering the less production of carbon fiber as compared to such materials aluminum or steel, single projects requiring extensive use of carbon fiber, therefore, have resounding impacts on prices. A good case sample is the production of Airbus A380. This plane, as at the time of its production was the biggest and demanded a lot of carbon fiber. Due to its size, there was a lot of attention, a factor that led to a consequential increase in demand for the product (Vogelesang & Vlot 2001). This demand resulted in augmented production and a later decrease in the wholesale price. Such a move tends to attract more vehicle manufacturers to use it as the preferred product, in body parts construction.

A combination of carbon fiber with materials like titanium and Kevlar has been developed to meet the price requirements and enhance their usability in vehicle manufacturing. Colored fiber has been developed as a result that seeks to improve the designs that have been developed.&nbsp.

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