Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Application Questions for University of Nevada. I have learned that in order to showcase the true skills, one needs to take the challenges in a head-on fashion. This means that I have to be at ease with the difficulties that come my way and be ready for a number of factors which essentially happen on a day to day basis. One of the most pressing challenges was when I had to dedicate myself to studying quickly for the whole course. This was because I had shifted between colleges and the new college had covered the curriculum more than the earlier one. I learned that I had to make up for a number of lessons on my own, as well as take guidance and seek help from my teachers. One good thing was that they were very helpful and they made sure that I had all the notes on me beforehand. But then again, this demanded immense concentration and hard work on my part which is indeed a very difficult task to ask for. I played my role duly and worked my way through these difficult tasks in order to overcome the barriers to attain success. My learning was good during this while and I was able to acquire quite a few things on my own. I covered the lessons quickly and hence made solid ground in my class. This was a source of sheer happiness for me.

In order to make my community a better place to reside within, I have played my part in socializing with people on a regular basis. This has meant that I meet them on and off, and to talk to them about different projects and happenings. Same is the case with my college understanding levels, which is indeed a positive sign for acquiring new tangents within the community settings. I am of the belief that playing ones part within a community setting basically calls for appreciation because it gives credit to the ones who are doing their utmost and asks for the same from the ones who are unable to do on one context or the other.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Application Questions for University of Nevada.
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