Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Social Work Stance on Ex and Sex Offenders and Megan Law. She has an almost manic hatred of sexual offenders and has been arrested for verbally and physically assaulting those she perceives as having even the slightest intention of doing something even nearly inappropriate. John on the other hand had lived an exemplary life until the fateful day that he was accused of date rape by a friend of his who later recanted the whole story in a suicide note shortly before she killed herself. John was the victim of accusations by a patient with a history of suicide attempts and hallucinations.

The ethical theory that would guide me in making decisions, in this case, is the deontological theory of ethics. In making a decision in this case, I would also be guided by the Kantian ethical principle that states that human beings must always be treated as ends, and not as means to some ends (Kant, 17). also, I would be guided by the ethical principle of presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

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Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: Social Work Stance on Ex and Sex Offenders and Megan Law.
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2. Social Justice: NASW advises social workers to prevent and eliminate any form of discrimination among their colleagues. NASW holds that its members should not be discriminated against on any ground.

Integrity: I strongly believe in the value of behaving in a trustworthy manner, i.e. in a manner above reproach. This value would make me be a bit suspicious of John. Although John’s friend finally recanted the evidence that she had given against John and exonerated him from blame, due to my high regard for dignity, I would be a bit suspicious of John. I would have the feeling that his character is questionable.

Honesty: I am an honest person and I despise any form of dishonesty. Because of the value of honesty, I would honestly investigate the allegations made against John before making any judgment, or taking any action in the case. My high regard for honesty in dealing with my clients would, again, make me be biased against John in this case.

Respect: I normally have very high respect for my colleagues, my clients, my client supporters, and&nbsp.the agency I work for.

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