The book is -Sense and Nonsense About Crime, Drugs, and Communities, 8th edition. REad chapters 10 and 11. Thanks.

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Comparing and contrasting probation and parole
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Debate the supply v. demand debate of guns. Should there be an effort to limit the manufacture of guns given the 114 million already in existence? What is your interpretation of the Second Amendment’s phrase “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”? 2. If bans on guns do not reduce serious crimes, what actions can be taken to improve the safety of society? You should contemplate accidental shootings and suicides by young people. Consideration should also be given to the rare occurrence of school/campus shootings.—chapter 10.

Compare and contrast probation and parole and be sure to make mention of their goals and effectiveness in achieving them. Provide the objectives of and assess the effectiveness of drug courts. —chapter 11.

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