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Redesign practice using Design for Assembly (DfA) and Design for Environment (DfE) techniques

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Compare the Redesigned Product and the Original one.
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Redesign and redevelop an existing product under DfA and DfE guidelines.

1. Identify the target product for your redesign – You might consider some existing products, such as automatic pencil sharpener, portable electric fan and etc., as your target product of redesign. The target product should better have certain degree of imperfectness in its original design so that you can apply DfA and DfE techniques to redesign it and make it better.

2. Examine the original design of the target product – Find out the design problem of the target product. E.g., the original design is with a large number of part count and that may cause longer assembly time and higher manufacture cost.

3. Redesign – Follow the guidelines of DfA and DfE to do the redesign. E.g., combine parts together to minimize the part count, reduce the number of fasteners, make ease of assembly by employing better arrangement in symmetricity, use better material for recycling and etc.

4. Compare the redesigned product and the original one, claim your improvement

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