Leadership Managerial Roles Idenofy each of the folowing is behaviors by its leadership role.Write the appropriate letter in the blank before each Interpersonal roles Informational roles Decisional roles a leader d monitor entrepreneur bfurthead e disseminator hdisturbance harder Clason spokesperson resource alocator jnegotiator 6. The supervisor is being promoted to midde management and is discussing her pay for the new job. 7. The supervisor is disciplining an employee for smoing on the job & The leader is visiting a competitor’s Web site to find out ts prices 9. The leader is getting maintenance to come fx a broien poe and dean up a food of water in the work area 10. The manager has decided to stop having customers sign crede card receipts for less than $50 to speed up the checkoutline II. The manager is breaking up a fight between two employees and getting the other employees to get back to work 12 The manager is emaling the employees to inform them of their work hours for next week 13. The manager in productions is taking to the manager in tacities about performing routine maintenance for the department equipment 14. An employee out and the manager is in the process of replacing the person 15. The manager is signing a purchase order for new equipment 16. The public relations leader is sending a press release to the local newspaper 17. The manager has been given $1.000 to spit and give to two of his 20 employees as bonuses 18. The purchasing manager is discussing the price of an expensive new machine and its instalation and maintenance contract deal 19. At the company annual employee meeting the CEO is passing out awards for ecelert performance 20. The manager is reading the monthly trade joumel. 1. Compare between data collected from online store and book sales? 2. Let’s say you work in a metropolitan city for a large department store chain and your manager puts you in charge of a team to find out whether keeping the store open an hour longer each day would increase profits. What data might be available to your decision-making process? What data would be important to your decision?

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Compare Between Data Collected From Online Store and Book Sales
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