1.) Based on the Open Stax Chapters, the readings and videos, compare and contrast capitalism, socialism and democratic socialism in the US. In your response be sure to identify at least 3 major characteristics of capitalism and socialism, and 2 problems with each of these systems. In this regard, what is “different” about democratic socialism in comparison to socialism and capitalism? What specific proposals have democratic socialist put forth to address problems with health care, education, immigration and environment in the US ? What is one of the major problems with these proposals? Lastly, reflect on which system you would feel more inclined to support, and why?

2.) Based on the OpenStax Chapters, readings and podcast explain how Globalization through free trade deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA is responsible for changing the Food system in Mexico and Central America and driving the surge in Latin American undocumented immigrants into the US? Why is it correct to say that US corporations benefit from the labor and detention/deportation of undocumented migrants? What do you think about this? What is outsourcing and automation and what do they have to do with the loss of industrial jobs in the US?

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3.) What is the relationship between power and authority? Describe the type of authority held by the Pope, ex-president Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts? Does populist authoritarianism describe the tone and character of former president Donald Trump’s leadership? Why or why not?

4.) Describe three main forms of Government. What form of government best describes the United States at the present moment? Why? What is oligarchy and voter suppression? Why do they represent a danger to US representative democracy? Please reference OpenStax or an article that you’ve read in this course shell(cite when you do)


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