1. Compare and contrast acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease
Common causes
Primary cause of death
2. Identify the following causes of renal failure
a. Prerenal
b. Intrarenal
c. Postrenal
3. Describe assessment finings during the following phases of renal failure
a. Oliguric phase
b. Duretic phase
c. Recovery phase
4. Describe prevention and nursing management of the following complications of renal failure
a. Hyperkalemia
5. Describe assessment finding that may warrant the use of renal replacement therapy. Which RRT?
6. Identify 4 priority nursing assessment for a patient in acute renal failure
7. Review the trend of the stages of chronic renal failure, noting the difference between stage 1 and stage 5, and also recognizing at what point patient needs dialysis
8. Identify and describe 2 major causes of CKD
9. Describe the effects of CKD on the following
a. Electrolytes
b. Acid/base balance
c. Hematology
d. Cardiovascular system
e. Respiratory system
f. Gastrointestinal
g. Neurologic
h. Musculoskeletal
i. Integumentary
j. Reproductive
k. Psychological
10. Describe the following therapy for a patient with CKD, provide rationale for each therapy.
a. Calcium supplement
b. Nutritional therapy
c. Erythropoietin
d. Phosphate binders
11. Identify atleast three drugs from different classes that may restricted for a patient with renal failure. State rationale.
a. Drug 1
b. Drug 2
c. Drug 3
12. Discuss dietary recommendations for patients with renal failure
a. Protein
b. Sodium
c. Potassium
d. Fluid
e. Phosphate
13. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of
a. Hemodialysis
b. Peritoneal dialysis


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