Paper instructions:

Please read the chapters I have sent you and answer the questions in your own words. Thank you.

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Communication Reading Response.
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Please answer all the questions in 4-5 paragraphs total. Not each question 4-5 paragraph each.

In the chapter, you read about language changes. We create new words, new meanings when we feel the need to represent something that is not currently named in our language. Can you think of experiences, situations, occurrences, or relationships that are not currently named? What would you name them? How would you describe them?

To appreciate the importance of hypothetical thought enabled by symbols, try to imagine living only in the present with no memory of the past and no anticipation of the future, having no goals for yourself, and knowing only the concrete, immediate reality. How would not having hypothetical thoughts affect your life?

The text book identifies 9 forms of Nonverbal Behavior.  Which 2 or 3 do you most often see demonstrated together, or simultaneously by yourself, someone you see often, or in complete strangers. Describe the simultaneous nonverbal behaviors, what are they, how you think they relate or intersect, and how you’ve seen it demonstrated in your experience.

Communication Reading Response

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