Your project team is spread across a huge geographical area and many time zones). One works in your city but works in a different building a few blocks away, and the other two are based in an office that is over 1,000 miles away. All of them are relatively new to I-TECH Company. • One joined late last year, • One started a year ago, and • The third is brand new – you have never met him. Questions (15M) 1. What is the communication scenario about and what are the communication elements in it? (2 marks) 2. What is the source of the barrier? (2 marks) 3. Why it is a challenge? (2 mark) 4. How could you handle the challenge and what are the appropriate steps that you could take to deal with the problem. (2 Marks) 5. How the Emotional Intelligence competencies of the involved people affected the communication? (2 marks). 6. What is the negative impact of this issue on the organization or the individuals? (2 marks) 7. What are the specific steps you could do to solve the issue? (3 marks)

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