Visit the Leadership Channel within Skillsoft via the Trident Online Library and view the following video:

Coaching for Behavioral Change

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Coaching Behavioral Change
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A lot of what we are learning in this module deals directly with coaching difficult people. As a coach, you need to know how to directly coach these types of people, and you need to know how to teach those you are coaching how to do the same.

For this discussion, please respond to the following:

Tell us about a time where you dealt directly with someone that needed behavioral change.
Did you feel prepared to coach the person through the needed change? If not, what did you do to seek outside help?
After watching the video above, apply the process that Marshall Goldsmith taught to your situation and tell us how using that approach would have impacted your situation.
Be sure to reply to your peers’ situations and offer specific ideas that might help in their own approach.


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