W. Bodiford J cm160 / Rel. m161b Topics Suitable for Your Bibliographic Analysis Bibliographic AnalysisYour list of books and/or articles must describe some aspect of Japanese Buddhism (or religious activity in Japan related to Buddhism). The bibliographic analysis should be a critical review of and reaction to several academic books and articles that concern a common topic (e.g., “Pure Land”) or that use a similar methodology (e.g., sociology) to describe some aspect of Japanese Buddhism. It should combine the features of a report (i.e., discuss and evaluate the topic) and of a book review (i.e., identify contents and contribution of each author to your understanding of the topic). For more detailed instructions on how to write a successful bibliographic analysis, see the handout titled “Your Bibliographic Analysis” (available on the course website). Partial List of Suitable Topics: abortion and Buddhism in Japan Christianity and Buddhism in premodern Japan esoteric Buddhism (Shingon and Tendai) in Japan funerals and Buddhism in Japan hells and afterlife in Japanese Buddhism literature and Buddhism in Japan material culture (a.k.a. “art”) in Japanese Buddhism modernization (since 1868) and Buddhism in Japan modern society (since 1945) and Buddhism in Japan mountain worship and Buddhism (Shugendō) in Japan New Religions and Buddhism in Japan Nichiren Buddhism in Japan original awakening (enlightenment) in Japanese Buddhism pilgrimage and Buddhism in Japan Pure Land Buddhism in Japan Shinto and Buddhism in Japan state and Buddhism in Japan tea and Buddhism in premodern Japan women and Buddhism in Japan Zen Buddhism in Japan


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