The four parts of the Christian Biblical Narrative include: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. Creation encompasses the belief that “God is the creator of everything that exists” (Grand Canyon University, 2015, The Christian Narrative section, para. 3). Fall entails the introduction of sin into society as depicted by the story of Adam and Eve who ate from the tree that God told them explicitly not to eat from. For those who have sinned, God presents the option of redemption by making “available forgiveness and salvation by grace alone, through faith alone” (Grand Canyon University, 2015, The Christian Narrative section, para. 5). Restoration is the last part of the Christian Biblical Narrative which has yet to come to fruition. “The return of Jesus, the final judgment of all people, and the restoration of all creation will inaugurate final restoration” (Grand Canyon University, 2015, The Christian Narrative section, para. 6).
In terms of creation, the Christian Biblical Narrative states that we are created not only in the image of God, but according to His plan. Moreover, “the act of creating by God was intentional… and everything is how it ought to be” (Grand Canyon University, 2015, The Christian Narrative section, para. 3). In relation to the reality of sickness and disease, what happens to us is meant to be and part of His grand design. The Fall caused a break in Shalom or peace by introducing sin into the world. Sin’s impact on the reality of sickness and disease is that it has the potential to cause death or illness that otherwise could have been prevented. Redemption is God’s offering to allow us to right our wrongs and enter back into His good grace (i.e. repent). In relation to sickness and disease, redemption can restore our hope and faith and strengthen our spiritual health which could help in the healing process. Restoration encompasses the commitment that God has made to judge all of us based on our faith and belief in His word. He promises those who have maintained their faith in Him and obeyed Him, that they will be restored to their original state (one of purity and goodness).
Creation: God made the earth and the man Earlier the earth was brimming with peace. This sort of peace is that in which every one of the things works with the expectation of God. Here human can prosper and can live joyfully in the congruity within sight of God.
Fall:Adam and Eve defied God rules they spoke to every single person who is defiant and does not work as per God’s aim. Through our activities and musings, we have turned into the adversary of the God.
Redemption: In this stage, God has made a few arrangements to spare the heathens from being fallen, and for that, he comes himself to reestablish the world. He saw the rage of these wrongdoings as abhor, wars, ailment, malicious and enduring (Krueger, 2014).So to reclaim the universe of these sufferings, He sent his solitary child Jesus to the earth and dies for the sinners and spares ourselves from those sins.

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