Step 1:

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Characteristics of Project Managers
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Get onto the “How Good Are Your Project Management Skills?” from the Mind Tools site found at
(Links to an external site.)
. Note: this link may redirect you to a different link, so just follow that link. Your task is to take the quiz at the bottom of the page to solicit results that will serve as the basis for your first paper.


Your project management skills are OK, and when projects are relatively simple, your outcomes are often good. However, the more complex the projects you manage, the less control you will have and the more likely you are to deliver below expectations. Take time to improve your planning skills and prepare for the unexpected. The more time you spend on your up-front planning, the better your project outcomes will be.

Step 2:

Write a paper describing your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the class content and the “step 1” activity.

What key things did you learn about project management in general and for you specifically?
What tools and areas of consideration within project management were you already aware of? What aspects are new to you?
What did you learn about either yourself or the person you assessed in the “How Good Are Your Project Management Skills” quiz? What can you/he/she work on to improve your/his/her skills?
In looking at the slide within the slideshow presentation titled “Characteristics of Project Managers,” discuss what characteristics most describe you and which ones you could work on developing further.
Do you already approach projects in a systematic way or use tools to assist you in planning? If so, what approaches do you take?
Lastly, how can learning about project management, or refining your skills related to this type of management, possibly help you professionally?

Please be sure to use specific examples to illustrate your discussion and integrate course materials as much as possible.


Please write your paper using a 12 point font and double space. Papers should be at least 4 pages long (1200 word count). At least 3 external references.

Aim to use your own words; however, when you quote or paraphrase, remember to briefly mention to which article you are referring and the page number and include a reference page. USE APA formatting

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