Carefully read the interaction found below in the Unit III Case Study document, and then complete the following steps: 
Explain (from Unit III, Lesson 1) which specific communication principles you see at work during the events described. 
After analyzing the active and visible communication principles, write a brief recommendation for each of the communication principles you have identified as being present in the interaction. Point out their missed opportunities or failures of communication. 
Your analysis of this conversation should be at least one page and written in APA format. Cite any information you paraphrase from the lesson. Please do not quote any material. Show that you understand the material by putting it in your own words and then citing the source of the ideas. Please see an example below of how to cite and reference material from the lesson
Unit III—Case Study
(A Conversation at Work)
Bob glances up as Fatima comes into the office unusually rushed and moving quickly to her cubicle.
She scowls at him, looks away, and sits down in her office chair but does not turn on her computer and get to work.
Sensing something is wrong, Bob asks, “Fatima, you ok?”
Fatima does not respond.
Bob gets up from his desk, walks over to Fatima, and continues. “I know something is wrong. You don’t ever come in here like that.”
Fatima turns a frown to Bob and responds, “I had another local today say something about the way I am dressed.”
“Haven’t you gotten used to that by now?” Bob comes back.
“Why do I have to get used to it? Why can’t they leave me alone?” She says.
“This is southern Georgia. How many of these folks do you think have ever seen somebody dressed like that except on television?” Bob continues.
“I don’t care about television. I just want to be left alone!” Fatima shouts.
“Are you going to get over it and work today?” Bob asks.
“My family makes me dress this way. I have no choice. For my people, this is tradition and part of respect and culture,” Fatima replies.
“Girl, this is America, and you do not have to wear one of those things if you don’t want to,” Bob says defensively.
“It is not about what I want,” continues Fatima; “I just want to be left alone at my work.”
“I agree with you, and I might even start wearing my camos on Fridays myself,” Bob replies.
“You are making a joke,” says Fatima.
“No, I am serious. And you know I have never bothered you about anything,” Bob replies defensively.
“I can tell the way you look at me that you think I am an extremist,” replies Fatima.
“An extreme what? That is a joke but not funny,” replies Bob.
“Go back to your desk and leave me alone, please,” insists Fatima.
“OK, if that is what you want, I am good with that,” says Bob, looking down at the floor.
“Go away now, hillbilly,” Fatima says, looking Bob directly in the eyes with a smile that even her dress cannot hide.
“OK, I’m going,” he smiles back, as he moves slowly backwards towards his desk.

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