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Post an initial introductory paragraph for your research paper. Here are some guidelines for the introduction, please review the rubric fo additional feedback Example structure of an introduction for a research paperi • Give a general introduction to the topic for broad audience (It should be readable by most not just scientists) • Narrow the focus to your particular topic. include relevance and importance (this may be the most important part) Why is this topic important to research • State your research problem • State your hypothesis of research question. Your hypothesis should be easy to pick out . Briefly describe how you will accomplish your aims what path are you taking to complete the paper?) Traditionally, introductory pages also include the following, but we cannot add them until we have completed the paper, im including here so you know was to look for move ahead • Give a preview of your main results and state the contribution of the work. • Give a section by section overview of the paper’s contents I am also adding a sample outline for the research paper for your perusal. This will be the next paper discussion board as you Posted Sun Feb 28, 2021 at 12:15 pm Criteria Title of the paper Introduction sarcon Focus • Narrow the focus to your particular topic, include relevance and importance this may be the most important part) Why is this topic important to research Grading Scale 10 3 0 0 EPresent and present but not sunt Needs acceptable acceptable Improvement 20 15 10 O Introis present Introis present Introis present intro does not and readable and read but does not read meet any of the does not contain contains some smoothies requirements a lot of argon dointed and not The average disinted. The understood by reader can average reader the average understand it can mo reader understand it 10 0 0 Focus of papers focus of papers Focus of papers Focus is not present both present present. Neither asly found relevance and Relevance relevane or importance is importances noted and noted and explained explained 10 00 0 0 Research Research Research Research problem is stated problem is problems problems missing mine mi 20 15 010 0 Hypothesis Hypothesis Hypothesis Hypothesis dearly stated massing one of the main two of the main estable and following day following dearly written in the stated testa stated table correct forma and written in the and written in the correct format correct format State your research problem Hypothesis is stated Saute your hypothesis or research question. Your Typothes should be easy to pick out

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