The essay is to be clear, and easy to follow, avoiding summary. A clear, unique voice; essay is enjoyable to read, needs to have counterargument. Stylistically advanced, and syntax is purposeful. While, being persuasive and interesting. And I need to be able to insert my own research and data I collected. The due date is January 4th

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Can the environment and our surroundings alter the way we respond mentally and physically to situations
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My research question is “can the environment and our surroundings alter the way we respond mentally and physically to situations? Or the decisions we choose to make?”

There are certain databases required

. CQ Researcher- Thoroughly researched and well balanced information on current as well as historical social/political issues. Highly
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5. EBSCOhost – This platform contains links to multiple databases such as Masterfile Premier, MAS Ultra, EBSCO ebooks as well as many more.
Great general resource for topical and general research.
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6. Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-books) – A database of reference sources for multidisciplinary research.
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7. Global Issues in Context – Online access to the cuurent issues around the world.
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. Issues and Controversies – Helps researchers understand the crucial issues we face today. This database is great for research papers and debate
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10. Opposing Viewpoints in Context – A one-stop source for information on today’s hottest social issues. Great source for persuasive papers and
speeches. Information on social issues in viewpoint essays, reference books, statistics, and full-text magazine and newspaper articles.
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