Paper instructions:

1. you choose an IMC campaign of your interest (please see the list of archives in the attached file below. The campaign should be after 2015.

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Campaign and Analyze the Message and Media Strategy Based on IMC Principles.
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2.You must list each area as a sub-head (separate section) in your write-up and each area should feature relevant IMC principles.

Sub-heading guide
(1) Overall advertising/IMC strategy: Please discuss the overall advertising/IMC strategy of the campaign? (e.g., segmentation, targeting, brand positioning). If possible, please discuss how it addresses campaign goals.
(2) Message strategy: Please discuss the message strategy (e.g., message appeals, main points). If possible, please discuss how it resonates with target audience.
(3) Media/Channel strategy: Please discuss the message delivery approaches no matter what the channels are. (e.g., mass media, PR, sponsorship, digital, social media, games, apps). If possible, please discuss how it connects to target audience media behavior.

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