3rd Year Project for Business Computing and Entrepreneurship.

This course will empower students with a detailed understanding of the development of a large business software application or business report.

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Business applications or business reports developed may be based on businesses within the creative, gaming, social or third sectors. Students will be required to undertake an extensive literature review before developing their application or writing their business report.

Students will therefore need to develop the skills to research the capabilities or issues associated with a particular business context. Students are required to analyze, evaluate and articulate a business application domain or business area in context and then propose and develop a new application or business report.

The module will enable students to gain an understanding of the issues and resources required to develop a new business application or business report in a business area or context.

Students will gain a detailed understanding of the role of the business application developer or business reporter. During the authoring process undertaken, students will develop an understating of how to formulate and present their own business ideas initiatives, thereby applying the business computing and entrepreneurial knowledge they gained throughout the programme of study.

Students will have to manage their own time and set regular objectives, undertaking activities including project analysis, design, implementation, report writing and evaluation.

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