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BRAIN ANATOMY: On each line below, write in name of brain structure described. On tiny line at end of each description, write in at least one figure number & letter from the six brain drawings on the following page Example: Cerebral Hemispheres: Two l’s with internal white matter, but cortical + some deep (Basal Nuclei) gray matter. Figure 5C 1 Fissure: Crevice that divides Cerebral Hemispheres. Fig. _ 2 Ridges on Cerebral surface (no specific letter on drawings) 3 : Grooves on Cerebral surface (no specific letter on drawings) 4. Sulcus: Divides Frontal & Parietal Lobes so between 1° Motor Cortex & 1º Sensory Cortex. Fig. 5. 6 Sulcus: Divides Frontal & Parietal Lobes from each Temporal Lobe. Fig. – White matter commissural tract connecting 2 Cerebral Hemispheres; Important landmark. _ White matter projection tract connecting Cerebrum with rest of brain; Important landmark. Outer gray matter; Initiator of conscious thoughts & actions. Fig. _ 7 8. 9. 10. Lobe: 1° Vision Area. Fig. – Lobe: 1º Auditory Area; Wernicke’s Speech Area on left; Memory & Emotions. Fig. – Lobe: 10 conscious (somato) Sensory integration; Wernicke’s Speech Area on left; Body Awareness. Fig. – 11. 12. 13. PostCentral Gyrus; First to consciously ‘feel’ somatic sensations. Fig. – Lobe: 1° voluntary Motor Area; Broca’s speech articulation Area on left; Personality & problem-solving. Fig. – PreCentral Gyrus; Initiates voluntary skeletal muscle action. Fig.__ Major relay station / Integration Center for sensations. Fig. _ 14. 15. ABC Figl Fig. 3 Fig.5 Anterior horn) of lateral ventricle Dura N Interventricular fonamen (foramen of Monro) M L к E Third ventricle Cl’emporal hom of lateral ventricle Extracural hematoma P Cerebral aqueduct (aqueduct of Sylvius) А Schematic illustration of epidural hemor Meer Lateral aperture (foramen of Luschka) Median aperture (foramen of Magendie) HGF Fourth ventricle (anternetom) lateral ventricle Fig. 6c B Subdural hematoma • Internal 8 capsule Dura L C K (Foenix) D Head of caudate nucleus Claustrom) from) Extreme capsule) Putamen Lentiforms Globus les pallidus Batemal capsule) Splenium of) corpus callosum (Posterior horn) of lateral ventrale E ‘Thalamust F Thilof caudate macleus Schematic illustration of subdurahmor- -A H Figa. Fig.4

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