Paper instructions:

Assigned Reading Material: Boundless Learning Co-Teaching, Chapters 1-3, pages 1-41.

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Boundless Learning Co-Teaching.
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Directions: Answer the questions below. Be prepared to share your response during SET-Up with the Learning Community. Use the Reading Reaction template to write your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Each response should be between 200- 250 words.

1. *What do you consider the biggest impact on students when learning in a co-teaching setting and why is it important?
2. Analyze the different definitions of co-teaching. How is Boundless Learning Co-Teaching the same and different from the other definitions?
3. Examine the co-teaching models that are used in classrooms today.  Explain which one you think is the most beneficial for teachers to use and which one is the least impactful for students.
4. Why is the UNITED Protocol so important for co-teachers to complete?
5. Explain the importance of the six High Performance Teaming Principles used in a co-teaching classroom.

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