**I volunteered to work for Books for Africa, a charitable organization that supports the eradication of illiteracy in Africa by offering aid in the form of books to support formal education, ma task was sort, ship, and distribute books to students of all ages in Africa.
External Give Back and Debrief
Dedicate 2 hours of your time to something that helps others. Options abound and you can decide on this “assignment”, but volunteer your time/effort to something about which you are passionate.   This is a flexible assignment over which you have control (although we should discuss your idea in advance). What is required is 2 hours of your time dedicated to serving others and a debrief of this posted in the discussion board on Canvas by the last day of class.
Debriefs should be approximately 2 pages and describe what you did, why you picked that particular give back, how it helped others, leadership style most appropriate for the event, and your personal takeaway after completing the give back.

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