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You are investigating bones discovered after a landslide in a remote area. It has been several months, and some missing individuals have still not been identified. Using the following list of bones, determine how many individuals are represented, and whether they are male or female, adult, juvenile, infant, or elderly. Provide as much information as you can about each individual.

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Finally, list any further information or measurements you would want to make your determination.

The excavation is divided into 4 quadrants.

Quadrant 1:

adult right femur, fully fused

adult right femur, fully fused, signs of osteoarthritis on the distal and proximal ends

adult right tibia

Adult left humerus

assorted vertebrae: 3 thoracic, 2 lumbar, partial sacrum

mandible, male, adult dentition with lots of exposed dentin

Quadrant 2:

adult os coxa male, right side, showing advanced wear, stage 6, on the pubic symphysis

adult os coxa female, right side showing clearly defined ridges, stage 1 on the pubic symphysis

6 assorted ribs, 3 right (1 true, one false), 3 left (one false, one floating)

female mandible with 3rd molar still in process of erupting

femur, adult left

Quadrant 3:

adult male cranium, mix of racial features, no mandible

4 humerus bones: 1 left adult, 2 right adult, one right child (fully formed, but unfused distal epiphysis)

Quadrant 4:

adult male cranium, primarily African features, no mandible

one child skull, approx. 4 years, male, including the mandible

right humerus and ulna with all elements of the humerus present but unfused, the ulna is still forming.

Now that you have all the bones, determine how many individuals are represented, the approximate age range, sex, and any other information you need to make a final determination.

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