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CASE #1 A 28 year old man was screened as a potential blood donor. He is a healthy donor with unremarkable medical history and no medication. A Medical Technologist performed direct typing as a routine test for the screening. The reverse typing request was added later, during this time the MedTech was swamped with test requests to perform so she did the procedure as fast as she could The initial ABO blood typing results are as follow: ABO Testing Results Donor Red Cells with Donors Serum with Reagent Cells Anti-A Anti-B 0 0 0 Al B 0 QUESTIONS: 1. Evaluate the ABO results. Are the reactions in the blood typing typical unusual expected to occur? Explain 2. As a quality control, what should the MedTech do to establish the correct blood type of the patient? 3. What could be the possible causes of the ABO discrepancy in this particular case?

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