Description Write a persuasive essay on the question below and support your points with in-text citations and references from at least three outside sources. • Question: Choose a product in the industry that you are interested in and describe it briefly. Would you choose traditional or online marketing to promote your product, and why? Please choose one marketing technique as an example and provide an in-depth analysis of why your chosen method would attract customers to your product Instructions • Create a suitable title for your essay. Include it in the running header, the title page, and in the beginning of your essay. • Prepare an APA-style title page. • Double space your writing and number your pages. • Make sure to include the following • A thesis • Points to support your thesis • Explanations for each point • Evidence (with data from outside sources, gathered during your research) • Full sentences (no point form) • A full paragraph for introduction • A full paragraph for conclusion • Use 12 point font double-spaced – Times New Roman Font . If in doubt about correct practice in grammar and punctuation consult Effective Means for Writing a paragraph Chapter 3 (section 3.4) in the textbook Notes

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