Worksheet on Barriers to Communication Choose the correct answer for the following: 1. Anything that hinders the process of communication is known as: (1) Barrier (ii) Problem (iii) Bad hearing (iv) Nonverbal communication 2. The use of jargon is an example of which type of communication barrier? () Psychological (ii) Physiological (iii) Language (iv) Cultural 3. Fully concentrating on what is being said, rather than just hearing the message is known as: (0) Passive aggressive behavior Active listening Jargon (iv) Positive reinforcement 4. Which of the following does NOT cause a barrier to communication: (i) Information overload Fear (iii) Simple message (iv) Distance 5. Large working area and closed office doors are examples of (i) Distance (ii) Organizational structure Psychological (iv) Noise 6. Language barriers do NOT include: Use of jargons Different language Distance (iv) No clarity in speech barrier

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Barriers to Communication
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